Strong Products
- Positioning in the mid-price segment.
- Guaranteed Quality with Achievements in Oko-Tex standard, ISO9001.
- Finest machinery and advance technique for perfect wearing comfort.
- Wide range of product lines – Woven elastic, Knit elastic, Hook & Eyes, Woven label & Print label.

Strong Profile
- Sun Tak is one of the leading trim brands worldwide, and is increasingly gaining in significance as a Brand.
- Sun Tak is well equipped with latest machinery models and advanced technique.
- Sun Tak has successfully forecast for creative product design and provide sourcing experience to our customers.

More Service
- Proficient R & D team anticipates what’s next in the world of lingerie that can help you stay ahead of your competition.
- Supported by a professional sales and marketing team.
- Prompt delivery means minimal capital commitment.

We have achieved various international recognitions on quality standard and control, Oko-Tex of Swiss as well as ISO9001, gaining great reputation from worldwide customers and providing tremendous supports and services at top quality level.

A well-equipped and computerized Testing Laboratory Center is operated to achieve for various quality standards. It has approved by the Limited Group, Marks & Spencer and other renowned Brands while it is also granted as Invista Certificated Laboratory.

Ecological and environmental protections are core concern for improving our living standard in a clean and healthy area. High investments are made on self-built reservoir, water effluent plant, water pretreatment plant and biochemical treatment plant to ensure the top quality of water for our human use and also to maintain our dyeing quality.